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Full Version: Game runs in Task Manager but doesn't start
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So I've been dealing with this issue where SOMA will just run in the task manager, but won't actually start up. I went through HOURS of troubleshooting. I narrowed it down to Nvidia Experience and once removed, SOMA was starting up instantly. Then it came back, takes about 1-2 minutes while the EXE is just sitting in task manager then it finally loads up. I tried running DDU to completely remove anything nvidia related and then only reinstalled the nvidia drivers, nothing else but I am STILL having this issue. I have Call of Duty Infinite Warfare installed and that boots instantly as well. What I have been doing recently is just restarting my computer 4-5 times and every time just trying to run SOMA to see if it will start.. if not I just have to restart and hope for the best.. is there any solution for this or am I just going to have to rip out all of my hair?
I remember I experienced this as well back in 2015. SOMA.exe would show up in Task Manager, slowly grow in RAM size, then when it hit a certain amount after about 2 minutes, it would finally boot up. I was told to check the memory in my computer. Don't think I ever found a solution though.