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Full Version: Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Best of 2010 Awards Nominations
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Amnesia has been nominated for Best Story, Coolest Atmosphere, Best Horror Game, PC Game of the Year! Smile

Voting now!
uhm, where do you vote? i can't find some voting system Tongue

if Amnesia doesnt win atleast one, i'm loosing all hope in humanity . . . forever
I think you have to be a registered IGN member to vote Sad
Sorry guys, my fault. I guess we can't vote, IGN picks out the winners! Smile
I have an ancient account there from like 2000 so I could download from fileplanet. Long story short, there's no vote, it's a judge panel thing, not a popularity contest. There'll be a vote on Dec 13th for what it's worth.

All this means Amnesia could win! Already those nominations are quite complimentary. You might notice Fallout 3: New Vegas not nominated for best game, but there's Amnesia. You could make the case that Metro 2033 could win best horror, but I'm pretty sure Amnesia is a shoe-in.
The Best Horror Game category is just sad... the only other real horror game is Metro 2033 (Fallout New Vegas wtf?). I think Amnesia will win that easily. The other categories I'm not so sure it will win, but just being nominated is pretty awesome!
I think amnesia has low chances against the other games at coolest atmosphere, game of the year and best story, but i think it will win at best horror game if you look at its opoments (metro 2033 , call of prypjat, fallout and dead rising 2)
My other bets are fallout for its story

metro 2033 for best atmosphere

and best pc game of the year bad company or starcraft

I think if amnesia wins at one of these the sells will go high again for a short time, so lets hope for the best.
PC Game of the Year? No, there are a lot of fanboy out there.
Best Horror Game? Fallout and Dead Rising as horror? Are you kidding? Amnesia is only one!
Coolest Atmosphere? Again, lots of fanboy out there.
Best Story? I've played 4 out of 5 and can't see any other than Amnesia.
<3 this reply:
Quote:I can't see Amnesia losing in any category it's in.

So true Tongue

I mean, of course Amnesia will lose in most categories because it isn't as popular as the other games, but it deserves to win imo.
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