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Full Version: Amnesia killed the horror genre
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I dont know about you guys, but for me, Amnesia killed the Horror Genre. What that means? Before i was playing Amnesia, i got pretty much scared from every horror game, now after Amnesia, i'm never scared in any games of the genre.

Why is that? Well i think that Amnesia raised the bar of scary games that high, that i know how it is to feel the horror in a that much high level, that everything besides Amnesia is just not scary at all.

Horror movies? Dont care anymore. Other horror games like Penumbra, Doom 3 (well... kinda), Silent Hill or you name it? Dont care anymore. Its just games with good dark atmosphere now but not scary anymore.

So good job Frictional Games, you ruined the genre! (Ironic) Am I the only one feeling like that? What do you guys think? (Of course this is a positive comment, i like the way how Amnesia is freaking scarier then anything else)
they set the bar very high. Penumbra dosen't even compare in my opinion. I really hope they stick to horror because they seem to be the only developer that knows what they're doing.
Yep i agree most games in the horror category arn't even close to as scary as amnesia. What i love about amnesia is the fact that your powerless and have to run and hide. I also love the puzzles added in.

If frictional adds more challenging puzzles, more monsters and more veriety of scary atmospheres then it'll be hands down the best horror game to this date.
Amnesia is not a game so scary, but the immersion is so well done, that you really fell like you are a part of the story.
And thats frightening !

truely masterpiece.
I agree, to an extent. Penumbra (And Amnesia somewhat, but I played Penumbra before Amnesia was out) kind of ruined gaming for me, just because every other game I play now just seems like crap in comparison. In a way it sucks, but I don't look at it as a bad thing. Recently, I've turned to writing because I just can't enjoy most games anymore. I'm writing my first real short story, actually! Big Grin

I'm kind of sad because I feel like I'm leaving behind what was an important part of my life (gaming), but then again I'm moving towards another great thing in writing.
Nope, main stream industry killed the horror genre years ago.

Name one truly scary game other than penumbra series and amnesia the dark descent and what was released in atleast 2005-2010
Yeah, your right... i cant remember a game, that really scared me since Silent Hill 4... and that was 2004....

Im so out of practise... i cant stand the real Horror of Amnesia.
Amnesia is a story game in the first place, horror-story game, but story comes first
And it sets bar for storytelling and immersion very high
But horror? It's just there "as much as needed" for the game to be great.
Penumbra had horror on the "sh*t bricks" level. It tried to scare you and kill you and scare you while you're dying. No that was something to live through.
But Amnesia is simply beautiful. As much as horror can be beautiful
Condemned: Criminal Origins was 2005. I haven't played Condemned 2 yet, but the first one had a lot of moments of powerlessness. You were often at best on par with the strength of the madmen surrounding you.

The mod Korsakovia was released in 2009. I have as much trouble playing it as Amnesia. It really gets to me.
(11-30-2010, 04:53 AM)thiz Wrote: [ -> ]So good job Frictional Games, you ruined the genre! (Ironic) Am I the only one feeling like that?

You misused ironic so freaking horribly! Damn dude, learn English! Irony is a great literary tool but I seldom see it used properly...

Also, there is a nearly Identical thread posted (by me Tongue) just a few days ago...

I totally agree though, impossible to play anything else that calls itself "scary"! However, Penumbra is way scarier as pointed out by HamStar. Amnesia is scary, but anyone who says Amnesia is scarier has not played Penumbra. Amnesia, however, is a better overall game. (well i prefer the penumbras because of the scares, so I think they're better, but Amnesia is "better")
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