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Full Version: Penumbra flashlight in Amnesia?
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do a beta release, i have the draw animation, the rest is simple, including reversing the draw animation

the only problem I have is scale exporting.... making any animation I export really... glitchy
but I can try
Alright, what the hell, I'll release the beta. Hopefully someone can fix the animation linkage... I'm not good in Maya.

The Idle animation is perfect, dont touch it D:

(this release works, just not very aesthetically pleasing on the animations)
EDIT: correction... they look like the same files I uploaded, uncoded

Xiph, I think you uploaded the wrong file Smile
I thought I would try it in game but it crashed for me, am I missing something? i'll be back in a few hours
Just copy the folder over and replace all, it should be fine. A friend of mine installed it with no problems :|
(12-17-2010, 11:06 PM)DIGI Byte Wrote: [ -> ]
(12-17-2010, 10:58 PM)xiphirx Wrote: [ -> ]
(12-17-2010, 09:55 PM)Lee Wrote: [ -> ]I'd like it if you could increase the radius of the light.

??? It's huge D:

he's being an idiot... he wants like a god lamp that lights up the whole area, like a cheap game hack

I want like a real flashlight. You know, one that has a larger radius than what would basically be a tiny pocket LED thing.

EDIT oh dear i seem to have missed the latest image. This new one looks great. I was referring to probably a much older image that showed this puny spotlight. This newer one is gorgeous. GAWJUSS.

EDIT 2 okay yeah i missed like a million pages of development. Sorry.
I could add a clicking sound to the flashlight.

Here you go guys.
Download the flashlight mod and then download this file. Follow the instructions in the zip.
Alright so I just tested out the flash light. You've come along way, I had a few gripes tho-

-The Light radius was way to big in my opinion. In most rooms the difference between flashlight and lantern was hard to see if not for the model. The light radios pretty much covers the players entire view so where ever you look is lighted. You should bring it down alot..

- The light beem (billboard) coming out of the flashlight its self isn't straight I almost wanna say you should just take it out completely but that may not look very good either so idk.

- I think the hand might be to far back on the flashlight. perhaps Its just the model, Which looks very good except for the top potion of it it. It has a buldge around the width of the flashlight which looks odd since its so close to your face and it sort of takes away from the "Flow of the flashlight", its really distracting! idk if its to late to fix it or not? Really, Its a game killer.

- Flashlight looks to big, to thick. maybe you could scale it down a bit?

I know its still beta, there are some things id ask you to fix but still im real happy the flashlight is workings and on its way. keep it up


The Radius isn't just to big, I think the distance the light can actually reach is to short. I see the radius gets wider the farther the light shines but I think it gets to wide to fast.
the distance and light settings are the lanterns, they will be fixed in the final version which I'm coding

I have to fix a missing texture file that s causing amnesia to crash first so I can test it out
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