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Full Version: Penumbra flashlight in Amnesia?
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(12-19-2010, 09:52 AM)DIGI Byte Wrote: [ -> ]the distance and light settings are the lanterns, they will be fixed in the final version which I'm coding

I have to fix a missing texture file that s causing amnesia to crash first so I can test it out

So some of you must be wondering where we are at?

The current beta release is a simple hack, it replaces the lantern with a flashlight, this is fine...

BUT the goal of this project is to create a proper flashlight that will be an item you can pick up and use, much like the lantern for use of custom stories

for single player, I will release a code patch that will change the lantern to a flashlight for those who wish it.
just take note that amnesia is based around a time period where there are no batteries or wrist watches, so the flashlight will run on oil

As for custom stories their will be batteries

the issue now... is getting the flashlight to work in game, by work I mean... when you press F It currently pulls out the lantern and that needs to be changed...

The problem? I cant find the damn code that does that....

Quote:in the...
<UserDefinedVariables />
it calls a...

and I can't find where this code file is or where its stored so I can make and call a new one called "flashlight"
The EntitySubType calls the Lantern string... its what tells to give the player hands and lantern, if I can find that, I can copy it and rename it to Flashlight and and apply the necessary code to make it work
Aye, twas a hack :3

I'll be working on a proper port, I just REALLY need those hand animations... DIGI you have any luck? :|
I got the hand animations, everything is done... I just have to make it so when we press a certain key bind it calls the flashlight, because at the moment when you activate the flashlight, daniel pulls out the lantern, I need to find how that call thing works so I can change it

don't worry about the animations, we need it coded properly, I wish luis would get back to my questions about this
Please send animations over :3? And what do you mean by having Daniel pull the lantern out? If I press F here, he pulls the flashlight out...
that's because its a hack... when you do it... your really are pulling out the lantern.... it just looks liek a flashlight cause you over write the files... Im trying to make a proper stand alone version that wont overwrite the lantern, so custom maps can have a lantern or a flashlight depending on what the mod has

i'll upload the animations in a while, need to finish some other stuff first
I have built inventory icon too
Ah I see. Well then, our main goal is to figure out where .ho files are called. Anyone on Linux here? If you could grep your amnesia folder for .ho I'd be VERY GRATEFUL Wink
DIGI, I was reading some old topics, and may have found the solution!

Quote:After scaling the model in max and before exporting, go to the Utilities tab (the button thingy that looks like a hammer) and select Reset XForm -> Reset Selected. THEN export it.

If this works, how did we miss it D:

Also, that only seems to work in max... need something for Maya.
I had to go through my unit settings, in max, I had to find and enable "respect file units" so it wouldn't reset the models scale to max's

thanks, I'll keep that in mind in-case the animations need to be double checked

there maybe something similar in Maya, they are both made by the same company
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