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Full Version: Penumbra flashlight in Amnesia?
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Great thread. Bump.
I read all replies in this thread from 8pm to 9:14pm Big Grin. So I want to say that

They can't import it in unless the devs write up codign to allow it. Otherwise you need to 'hack' and replace the lantern for a flashlight. Anyway supposidely a Dev said that they probably wouldn't do the coding because this would allow mods and people could basically make their own game from this, which isnt what any dev wants (those taking credit for something that they dont rightfully own) i woudl assume.

That, or if we find a workaround ;0
This project will have to be put on hold until the devs allow us to do weapons so we can have our own flashlight

@Xiph, i'll upload those animations later on tonight or tomorrow morning
Okay, I'll be waiting for them Smile
Well, I think you can better just "hack" into it, than wait for the devs to do something.
No offense to the devs, they are great guys, but they probably won't help us with this.
I used the hack beta flashlight to replace my lantern, now how to I get the lantern back? D :
Goto models/hand_objects/

and rename lantern.ho to lanternFlashligh.ho

Rename the lanternOriginal(stuff here).ho to lantern.ho

and thats it Smile
Thank you my brother
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