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Full Version: Penumbra flashlight in Amnesia?
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Hello, here is how these objects look like, Flashlight: [Image: imgflashlight.jpg]

[Image: imgflare.jpg]

Unfortunately I could not do with their objects, just can not have them in inventory, but improve, yes. See yourself Tongue

Map with flashlight and flare:

!!!Do not copy this without my permission!!!

[If i made a mistake somewhere in the writing of the text I apologize, but I know little English. and I use a translator Big Grin]

!!!!!Paste these files to:
X: / Amnesia /

X - is the name of your disk if you have another free to put in there.
Do you mean you can't have the actual item in your hand?
Yes, it does not work as latern, but can be raised as the other props. Cuz i dont know how i can do that...
Woah! I's awesome! I just tried it XD
PS: I can make a flashlight model for you, but I can't convert it properly...
noo, thx ;d im not good in programming Smile
Same here Rurikkur.
I've tried converting it all, but I can't seem to find the right way to convert the animations...
What program do you use for converting Akumasama? Or maybe it's built into your modeling program?

PS: There's something for the spirits Big Grin Now to find a way to convert it XD
PPS: The way it works now would make for some really cool gameplay. Imagine a door swinging open and you drop your flashligt XD Then you have to pick it up again. XD
PPPS: Is it possible to make battery life for the flashlight?
yea, Replace battery model for oil Big Grin

PS: Please, send to me priv, with this modeling program name :p
I use Maya 2010 with the Caneda plug in (might have spellt it wrong...)
You can find all the info on the wiki. Smile
Just tried the flash light, Its awesome! It makes the atmosphere in my map so much better. its cool how you hold it like any other object, the rotating gives you more precision. But you cant take it between levels and you have to drop it to open doors and pick up items so I don't think it'll work out like this. I know its just a test, and the test is awesome. its cool that people are collaborating get this to work. its getting there.
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