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Full Version: The guy doesn´t drink the liquid i can´t get out of the appartment!!!
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Hello, my game (SOMA) isn´t working properly , i can´t keep going because the guy doesn´t drink a liquid that is necessary in order to get out of the apartment, i´ve tried many different ways and it doesn´t work , i´ve also uninstalled and re-downloaded the game , but it is still the same again and again , and i guess it has a bug or something, i don´t know if you can check it, because i also have seen many game-plays in which the game its been programmed to show how the guy drinks the fluid and then you´re ready to go, and that doesn´t happen with my version, the subject just grabs it and then you are unable to move or interact with any other object.

hope you could help me out with this Sad my game is pc version and  downloaded from stream.
my email adress is this:
Maybe try to verify the integrity of the game by going in Steam > Properties on SOMA > Local files > Verify integrity of game cache. This will repair broken files. After that, try selecting "New game" instead of "Load" so that it doesn't load up the broken save.