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Full Version: Amnesia sequel?
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I recently finished playing through the full game, complete with an audience of about 10 people each night.... (fun stuff, lots of screaming) and we were all wondering if any plans have been expressed by Frictional Games about making a sequel to the game?
Actually this topic has very much argued the very idea itself, maybe you'd want to look at it?

The general idea is, a story wise sequel is not possible due to finished and revealed story of the original game.
Other than that, taking the general atmosphere like Silent Hill 2 did, would make it same game with a different setup, which won't do any good to Frictional.
Frictional is moving on. They may not even be doing horror this time around...they said it is getting boring. No Amnesia sequel.
giving us the editor might make it possible for those who are in the know to make a sequel tho or even just use the editor to make something completely different, but along the same crap your pant line... that would be great me thinks
The editor has been released for a while. Knock yourself out.
oh not me... i dont have the time or smarts to create stuff... I'll just grab what others are offering Smile
I wonder what frictional has in store if its not horror, maybe a detective game of sorts. Hopefully its set in a town or something a little more open.
Well i hope they do a horror because i enjoyed this game alot, and with more technology and more ideas and experience they could definetaly make the best horror game of all time.
I'd like to see them do a detective game too, like sherlock holmes or something and investigate murders and so on, proving bad guys are guilty Smile
hope for more horror, maybe in a madhouse on an island Shy