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Full Version: models do not see two or more textures
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Hello everyone, please tell me, I am making models for amnesia, the model editor does not recognize models with 2 or more textures, what should I do?
HPL does not support multiple textures per submesh. However, it does support multiple submeshes, so each submesh should have it's own material.
And how can I do this?
In your 3D modeling program like Maya or Blender.
But can I do it in 3ds max ?, and tell me the sequence, otherwise I’m trying to add models to amnesia for the first time

I don't use 3dsMax so I don't know, but this process is dependent on the modeling software and has nothing to do with HPL. I suggest you look up tutorials on how to use 3dsMax.
did not work out (I will then do it on one texture, because I didn’t understand, I’ll do full conversion further
3DS is not very popular among HPL2 modders, but if you switch to Blender or Maya you'll get lots of feedback.

Also join the Discord server if you want more immediate feedback
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