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Full Version: Will the lag ever be fixed?
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People started complaining about Amnesia lag the moment it came.

Seems nothing changed after all these years.

I used to have lag too, was on Windows 7, complained about it, no solutions. I installed Amnesia per new on Windows 10. I now use Vega 56, which i made to constantly pull 1550 MHz and never drop down like it does on default settings.

Same shit.

[Image: amnesia-lag-vega-56.jpg]

I can not believe i can not play a 2014 Penumbra mod for Amnesia on Vega 56 with a 10 core CPU. WTF!!! I had NVIDIA cards before, same problems...

EDIT: this is not graphic settings related. I lowered the settings to medium, turned all effects off, switched resolution from 1080p to 720p - same FPS. This must be a game bug.
I'm pulling 60FPS just fine on my end. Amnesia does not naturally go higher than 60FPS.

There's a setting (LimitFPS) in the main_settings.cfg in Documents/Amnesia/<Main or Full Conversion>/ folder which you may be able to mess with, but apart from that, there isn't much unless the mod itself is horridly optimised.

You can also try turning off VSync.
I haven't had big issues with performance to be honest. Some has occurred but nothing major. Generally comes down to poorly optimized maps.

Just make sure SSAO is set to something low, as that thing will drain performance on heavy duty systems.

Do you also get this lag in the main campaign?