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Full Version: 4X AI Enhanced texture pack for Penumbra: Collection
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Hello Everybody!

I am creating a 4K/2K AI Enhanced texture pack for penumbra collection!

Texture pack for overture beta V0.9 is released!
It will be up in two hours!

MOD Page:
Youtube teaser:
This is awesome! If you have a Twitter, feel free to tag is there when this is ready, and we will retweet it.
Create a ModDb page about it, FG's mod community treats it as it's hub
Well i have bad news, I will have to downgrade the standard to 2K 2048x2048x32, 4K is unstable generally and causing crashes, graphical glitches, lagging and long loading times!

Update: I can use 4K but certain textures cause problems on 4K, so i will make a hybird 4K/2K instead!
First Teaser Video:
Spoiler Alert!!!
Is the texture pack finished now? Big Grin
No i had to start from scratch over and over, but i overcame the issues, Overture should be out this week!
Oh wow, good job on being patient!

I could tweet this out on the FG account, so let me know when the best time for that would be - when Overture is out I guess?
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