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Full Version: Trouble with the game screen with "screen complete" enabled
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Good night:

Hi, i'm Alexis and i'm from Chile. I like so much your games, but, i have a problem with SOMA when i need to low the game screen resolution to 1280x720, the game, with the option "complete screen" enabled, the game screen is how to see in the picture (i can't explain better, so, i prefer what you see across the picture). I need help for that., please.
That's strange. Looks as if the executable is running in 256-color mode. That's normally an option under "Compatibility" tab on the properties of the .exe file, but should be off by default.

This only happens in SOMA when you fullscreen the game? No other games?


Hi, i'm sorry for not answer you. I visited the support forum, in this link:

I could solve my problem ! it was the DPI, or PPP, my screen was default 125%, but, you recomend the 100%. I don't why that, but, is the solution Smile

Thanks !