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Full Version: Just finished the game, my opinion
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Overall I really liked this game.

-Enjoyably nerve wracking, scary and jumpy
-Great storyline
-Fairly good graphics
-Difficult and challenging in a good way (some parts, especially the monster obstacles)
-Long enough to feel like a full game, short enough to keep my interest
-The chick playing Catherine sounded hot
-The monsters were so well designed. In particular, Jin Yoshida was cool and a nice final monster, him/it being the fastest and smartest
-A nice futuristic feel, contrasting with the old timey feel of Amnesia. What will come next I wonder?
-No bugs in my version, thankfully

-Having finished it, I can't reload from any point in the game I want to, which I would like to be able to do because I wanted to replay certain parts/monsters. I only have save files for the last 5 locations, which sux
-Some of the puzzles were unnecessarily difficult, and frustrating, which wasn't fun to me. Maybe someone would like it though
-I felt like I was going in circles trying to find stuff way too often. I realize that a game may feel too simplistic with linear and obvious continuity, but to me there were at least some annoying and unnecessary obstacles.

Now overall the pros outweighed the cons, so yeah. Highly recommended game for sure, and I can't wait until frictional's next project.
Recently i played SOMA and the game play is pretty good. I like the way that you interact with the enemies in this game; they don't immediately kill you, but first freak out your display.

The plot is pretty captivating, but it really makes you work for bits and pieces of the backstory rather than just handing it to you.

I only ran into one gamebreaking bug, when my character phased out of the gameplay area into empty space and I couldn't bring him back.

Most of the puzzles and challenges are reasonable, but there are a couple that are asinine and that you don't really have any hope of getting without cheating or foreknowledge. I mean to say that I'm thinking of two specific parts of the game where you're going to be wandering aimlessly without knowing what to do.

While the story of SOMA was interesting, it made me really uncomfortable in an existential sort of way. This isn't really the sort of philosophical quandary I expect to get when I'm playing a video game. I'm being serious when I say you should put this game down if you are troubled by thoughts about what happens after death and the future of the human race.
IMO Soma is already on the pretty easy side, I can't think of any puzzles that are completely hopeless.
But if the puzzles didn't prove any challenge to anyone at all you'd hardly be able to call them puzzles.