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Full Version: Amnesia Royale!
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I never thought my IQ was high enough to think of something like this, but I just woke up after dreaming about something that is approximately Amnesia the dark descent Royale.
What I dreamed about was a huge Building with so many rooms, like a villa or something, built in 19th century, full with monsters (and humans willing to kill players). And all young men, old women and taxi drivers from France were involved trying to survive (don't ask why, I'm not even form France).
Players wander through rooms, collect certain items,, they can also interact with each other and exchange items. They can also hide. I myself hid to avoid being killed, but was found (in one occasion found and killed by my sister). The reason why I was killed so easily was because "I hid where everyone else likes to hide, so it was easy to find me".
Each time I opened a door, I was anxious not being sure what will I find in the next room, always ready to run.
Well, I know that this might sound stupid, but still I wanted to suggest Amnesia royale. It might just be the type of game we would like and enjoy.
Best regards to you all!