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Full Version: The Dark Descent just my opinion
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This has aged very well. xporn
Bought the Frictional Bundle lately and figured to give this gem a try after all this time, and I'm not disappointed, it still lives up to the name it has made for itself nine years ago. xnxxvideo
Sure the graphics won't shock anyone today no more, but you can see how this helped to shape the horror genre of video games. xnxxhub
For those of you who don't know it yet, you play as Daniel, a Brit, who wakes up in a castle having his memory erased, a strange mysterious being chasing him and only a journel entry of his former self as guidance: kill baron Alexander! porndollz
The atmosphere is great and losing your sanity in the dark is surprisingly frightening, when the grunts chase after you. fuq 
Ever so slowly uncovering your past and connection to a strange artifact and the baron works really well with the setting and makes you hungry for more. xtreamporn   xxx video xvideos xnxx
I definitely recommend this to every horror-fan, who hasn't played it before and can look over the old graphics and game play. porn300