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Full Version: No matching signatures headache
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Hi, haven't been on here for about a million years. 

Just messing around with the editor and found that if I add a collide callback under void on start along with the actual callback function it just returns an error telling me that there are no matching signatures to Entity_AddCollideCallback. As far as I can tell I don't need to include any scripts to use these functions

If I do the collide callback thing in the editor itself, actually defining the callback function in the level editor it works, but not with the actual "Entity_AddCollideCallback" function in the script.

I'm very well acquainted with Amnesia's collide callbacks and doing it the same way (with SOMA's collide callback function) just doesn't work. Any reason why? I mean, I'm literally following the same ideas demonstrated here: 

Can you show the code you have?
(09-20-2019, 05:38 PM)Mudbill Wrote: [ -> ]Can you show the code you have?

I've since deleted it and moved on, but I get the same issue anyway with this: 
#include "interfaces/Map_Interface.hps"
#include "base/Inputhandler_Types.hps"

#include "helpers/helper_map.hps"
#include "helpers/helper_props.hps"
#include "helpers/helper_effects.hps"
#include "helpers/helper_audio.hps"
#include "helpers/helper_imgui.hps"
#include "helpers/helper_sequences.hps"
#include "helpers/helper_game.hps"
#include "helpers/helper_modules.hps"
#include "helpers/helper_ai.hps"

class cScrMap : iScrMap
    void Setup()

    // Run first time starting map
    void OnStart()
        Entity_AddCollideCallback("Player", "TriggerArea_1", "volumes");

    bool volumes (const tString &in asParent, const tString &in asChild, int alState) {
        if (alState == 1) {
            cLux_AddDebugMessage("in volume");
        else if (alState == -1) {
            cLux_AddDebugMessage("out of volume");

        return false;


Now the collide callback works but the debug message will return the same "no matching signatures" issue (despite me doing the same thing I've done here under another mod to test). Also if I don't use a debug message and do something else with the callback it will only fire once despite me telling it not to delete the callback once it has been called.
You forgot to add
PHP Code:
#include "helpers/helper_areas.hps" 
(09-21-2019, 02:01 PM)TiManGames Wrote: [ -> ]You forgot to add
PHP Code:
#include "helpers/helper_areas.hps" 

Thanks! I will give that a go next time I'm in.
(09-21-2019, 02:01 PM)TiManGames Wrote: [ -> ]You forgot to add
PHP Code:
#include "helpers/helper_areas.hps" 

Got back to it to test it out and can confirm this still doesn't work.