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Full Version: Update to 64-bit for Catalina?
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I know this is now a very old game, but do you know if an update to 64-bit will be available for Mac OS X Catalina and beyond? It'd be a shame to be unable to play Amnesia in the future!
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Assigning to our community manager, as this is something for Frictional to look into.
Hey! We're waiting on our porting partner to have time to fix this, unfortunately it's taking some time. But all the games are getting updated!


I too am waiting and hoping there's an update to play on catalina! I love this game!
One more on the waiting list. It would be a shame to let it go.
Our porting partners ran into unexpected issues, so we're still waiting for it - sorry!
I just bought the game today so I'm hoping to play it soon if it's possible.