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Full Version: Having a couple of game stopping bugs beginning of game
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I bought the game from GOG. The first issue I had was after drinking the tracer fluid, I left the apartment and the game would not progress. I got the black loading screen but it just stayed there, it never continued.
I started a new game, got past this to the office where I'm to have the scan. I walk to the elevator and there's the keypad. I say something like "I can figure this out. But that's it. I can't move any longer except to turn about, can't move forward or backward, can't click on anything.
Is there not a notepad in the drawer by the desk?
If you mean this is a technical issue that is literally stopping you from moving, please clarify. If that is the case then maybe it helps to reinstall the game.


I'll try reinstalling since I'm not that far in. But yes, I found the desk and searched it and thought the answer was somewhere there. The problem is I can't move at all other than turning. I can look at the keypad but can't click on it, I can turn around but can't walk, etc.