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Full Version: Unidentified Amnesia Music Tracks
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I am interested in finding the stripped audio of 4 select musical tracks throughout Amnesia. I have found these tracks on letsplays, walkthroughs, and collectible guides, but there's dialogue and in-game sounds muddling the audio. I have also scoured various OST playlists on Youtube but have had no such luck. Can anyone point me in the right direction? 

Take a look at the attached clips. They are named to correspond with the brief descriptions given below.

1 - Algeria Note 3: This track plays in the Archives and is associated with the final Algeria note that triggers Daniel's flashback. It plays in tandem with blue sparkles appearing as the flashback ends. It's a simple piano, possibly with strings playing.The clip is from "Amnesia: All Diaries and Flashbacks" on Moustache Cash Stache's channel. (Begins around 6:10)

2 - Archives Piano: This is a piano that plays when searching the Archives. The clip is from Pewdiepie's original playthrough, and plays shortly after he gets the key to the wine cellar. (Begins around 10:30)

3 - The Shattered Orb Note: This plays when The Shattered Orb note is picked up. This note is located at the end of the eastern bridge when first entering the Chancel. You can hear the Chancel ambience cease when the note is picked up, and the soft track plays briefly. The attached clip for this is from Somewhat Awesome Game's playthrough. (Begins around 4:45)

4 - "Amnesia: The Cruel Ways of Dr. Richard Jones" Ambience: I came across this ambient track in a CS, a clip of which is given on a walkthrough by MaTSuFlEXPC. It almost sounds like wind blowing through a tunnel, but is distinct enough to not be confused with ambient tracks from the original game. Nothing on Youtube indicates this track is from the original game. (Begins around 0:30, plays for a while)

I happily welcome any help from those more informed on the topic than myself. Even pointing me towards one of these tracks would be outstanding. Thank you!

(Edit: I'm having trouble uploading the sound clips. The clips are .MP4 files, and it doesn't seem like I can upload them as they are.)
(Edit: Okay, apparently I can't upload MP4 or MP3 files to a thread (?), so I might just put in the Youtube links and timestamps at which you'll hear the track I described.)
(Edit: Alright, just put in the links and timestamps. I'm really curious what other people know about these!)
Do you own the game? All these files should be possible to find in the game folder.
In /sounds/general you will find general_piano01.ogg which is the second piano track you're looking for. The first one I believe is general_piano03.ogg. They are only small parts though, a couple of seconds each, so I don't think you'll find any "extended" versions of them.

The third one is pretty vague, but it should be in those folders somewhere.

Last one, if from a custom story, you'll have to dig in the files of that custom story. However it does sound like 27_amb.ogg from /sounds/27

Edit: I was able to find the track that plays when you wake up. It's in /sounds/03/03_waking_up.ogg