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Full Version: what is your favorite soma moment?
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hi guys what is your favorite soma moment let's share this discussionSmile
my favorite moment is when doctor munshi scans simon jarrets brain damage in the year 2015 (spoilers) Smile
doctor mushni is kind of a big meme in the commiunity Smile
did you kno?
My favorite are the moment the large Theta doors open after the airlock, don't know why. Also when you wake up Wan with the computer and see your reflection.

I also enjoyed exploring Delta and the outside of Omicron.
I think my favorite was the one by the CURIE wreck. I never got too close a look at it but it's entire face seemed to be made of lights and it appears to have the ability to teleport around the wreck. I haven't beaten the game yet so I'm not sure if that ability is explained yet or not.