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Full Version: Skyboxes - Any update/progress on a fix?
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Skyboxes on Mac have been broken since the 1.3.1 update in 2015. You guys were made aware of the issue back then but understandably couldn’t focus on it due to the upcoming release of SOMA. While there is a workaround for the bug on Windows, the equivalent fix doesn't work on Mac, resulting in skyboxes that look like this:

[Image: uQK5uos.png]
(A sampling of the many, many mods with broken skyboxes. In order from left to right: In Lucy's Eyes, Obscurity, The Things In The Night, SDP (x2), Eldritch Cove Demo, Penumbra: Necrologue, Spelos' Spookfest (x2), & Through The Portal (x3). If the image doesn't load for whatever reason, here's a link to it on Imgur.)

Since seeing the sky as a cube completely ruins any sense of immersion, I’ve been putting off playing a number of mods with outdoor areas in hopes that a fix would eventually be released, but it’s been like five years... So yeah, I just wanted to ask if there’s been any progress made on fixing this (or at least finding an equivalent workaround for Mac users—I mean, at this point, I'd be content with manually swapping out dylib files)?