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Full Version: Why is Daniel sometimes able to be pushed around / pushed through walls by objects?
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Here's an example of what I'm talking about:

Most of the time the box will hit Daniel's head and then stay suspended in the air, but sometimes Daniel is loaded in a state where objects slide off him, push him around and force him through barriers. The guy who made the linked video posted a reply that talks about it in response to the bottom comment.

Does anyone here know what causes this to happen? It would help save a good amount of time in speedruns if we were able to do it consistently.
Best guess is the object's body is falling into the character hitbox while the entity is not being interacted with (mass <> 0), which causes the physics engine to freak out with its collision detection and forcibly attempts to separate the two entities by pushing the character body forward and "out" of the entity.

Walls and ceilings in TDD are pretty simple to clip through - they aren't the most solid of static objects, some of which being just planes, and the game is relatively generous with its detection of determining whether Daniel can jump in the case of clipping thorugh a ceiling. With enough force to get the character body more than half way through an object, the physics engine should attempt to separate the player and the object by pushing out.

A better example, in my opinion, than the one you brought up would be the wallclip which is used in Daniel's room ( with aid of a chair. It's positioned in such a way where the chair falls onto Daniel and collides with him that the chair gets into a "stuck state" because of the way the body is constructed with the body including the legs of the chair, and because Daniel is jumping into it. The collision, along with the repeated jumping (which is possible as Daniel is colliding with a wall which allows for multiple jump inputs), he builds up speed to the point where he can clip through the wall.

In your box example, I am anticipating something similar is happening, but to build up enough force, the player crouches, delays input, then stands to collide into the box, and uses the collision force to push themselves through the door.

I've fetched the storage box entity and placed it into the Model Editor and these I believe are your relevant settings. Notice it cannot be pushed by player gravity, which may apply to force, but can collide with box the character and notes in the till.
I don't know if it's that. I think all the OP is doing is walking into the barrier and letting the object fall on him, and whether or not he clips through is dependant on if Daniel happens to be loaded with buggy physics. When I tested out the clip in Cellar Archives, I didn't need to crouch or jump on the times I got clipped through, I just walked over to the gate and dropped the box. It seems like the appearance of crouching is just an illusion caused by the box pushing Daniel down.

I've heard this bug is related to the one which causes objects to not be able to hit grunts and brutes. Sometimes those enemies will be in a physical state where when you throw something at them, instead of hitting and staggering them, it will just slide off them and maybe push them backward a little bit. Nobody knows what causes that either.