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Full Version: Wow, combat is so frustrating
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Some people are frustrated with it not having a coherent plot, possibly being simply a dream sequence and functionally being a puzzle pack.
Requiem is an expansion pack focused on solving symbolic puzzles and expanding the story, rather than scaring the duck out of you. I love it but many don't because of how different it is.
I loved requiem, was fun, something all different and I see it as more of a bonus to the game series, kind of like a thank you from F-Games while making references back to the original games

as for the combat system... its like having a pick axe taped to your elbows and trying to swing it.

some times... a good old point and click is better then waving your mouse at your desk
Oh right, Thanks for explaining. I have completed Penumbra Overture last night, The ending freaked me out lol! I have made a start with Dark Plague yesterday as wel. I got afraid of the game immediatly as soon i was able to move around. Hearing what could be my faith if i don't get fast away.
I completed it also yesterday... wasn't as scary as hoped it would've been tho...
but awesome anyway! *the ending puzzles were awesome* <--
Spoiler below!
The lifting the pressure things, the steam floor ^^
going to start playing Black plague as soon as possible Tongue
I JUST HATED THE DOGS! i just waited them to charge. then i hit them to get them on groung, hit again, waited for it to get up so i could tip it over again <-- repeat like 6 times Big Grin
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