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Full Version: I have a problem with my map files...
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Okay, this has been driving me crazy for a while now. Basically, whenever I make a change to a map file, it never saves the change. I have to save all my maps in a directory in my documents so I can make changes and test them because any changes I make to the map files in the custom story directory never actually register, and it keeps an old copy of the map file (in other words, it only keeps a copy of the first file I copied over or saved or edited or whatever, it never updates that file). In the explorer it will show the map as identical to the one in the my documents directory (ie the latest map file) but when I open it in the map editor OR in-game it will simply load the oldest copy. In debug mode it will load the latest file however.

If there is any way to fix it (I hope their is) I would be grateful for any help.
that's strange, never heard of that, are you updating them while RUNNING the game? cause that would be one reason

but other then that I've never heard of that before and I'm familiar with computers, if anything the map is loading from a cache
(12-18-2010, 03:23 PM)Frontcannon Wrote: [ -> ]>>

Oh touche, forgot about that, well played Sleepy
yep got it fixed, thanks. I forgot it was updated to 1.0.1 :|