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Full Version: What is Alexander?
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That's it. He obviously isn't from this world. So, what the hell is he and why is he cryin' about his lost love.

WTB Custom story with Alien world.
Hints, Help, and Spoilers section with this one.

We know he's from another place, as most people would call a "dimension" different from our own. Somehow he crashlanded into ours with a bunch of his otherworldly shit (orbs, the Shadow, the waterlurker, blue fire, etc) and was separated from his love. He vows to get back to his loved one by any means necessary, and since he is magical and stuff, he can gather energy from human souls through their blood. He also attempts this on animals, as seen in the Study level as well.

Since he had fancy powers he was able to take control of part of the Prussian government and build a nice castle to make mincemeat of all his victims and some not so nice servants to gather such victims for him.
If interested, story from Lovecraft, "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward" will help you a lot to understand.

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Hi everyone, that's my first post here, btw.

Alexander is just an ordinary human being, with an extraordinary esoteric knowledge. He might know some kind of tonic/potion/alchemist stuff/whatever... to keep him alive during many centuries, but he longs for something more: going back home.

But this home is not some special place where he, and only he comes from. It his (in his belief) the place where all human souls come from, before falling in the world of generation.

The key to that is given by Agrippa speech, which refers to mitraism. The eschatology of this ancient religion consisted precisely in escaping this lower world by climbing a cosmic ladder across the seven planetary spheres, in order to reach the eighth gate of the ultimate sphere.

And this sphere is the one of the fixed stars, the otherworld laying beyond the last gate is "beyond the stars" like the otherworld where Alexander is longing to go.

Look in the so-called "secret room" in the chancel and you'll find a statue of Mitrha killing the bull. Mithraism explains the very logo of Amnesia. Mithra was conceived as and Unconquered Sun, and Other Sun, an Inverted Sun, a Black Sun, a True Sun... Another Sun ruling the mundane Sun, and the whole cosmos, from the shadows outside the cosmos.
So in the A TDD logo we have an inverted sun, and three planetary symbols (Jupiter, Saturnus, Neptunus) referring to the cosmology of the planetary spheres.

"The alchemical process is the Mithraic Mystery, the incommunicable Mystery."
- Zosimus of Pannopolis

[Image: globe-Mithra.jpg]
Mithra holding an orb/globe, the sphere of the cosmos.
(12-20-2010, 08:08 AM)Tanshaydar Wrote: [ -> ]If interested, story from Lovecraft, "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward" will help you a lot to understand.

I can can confirm this!
That is not dead which can eternal lie, an with strange aeons even death may die.
(12-21-2010, 08:17 PM)Dr Laudanum Wrote: [ -> ]snip

Holy shit.
So what do you think in this novel explains the case of Alexander ?
Do you mean that he can live for so long because, as in the novel, he has taken control over new bodies in order to extend his life ?

He his able to create "zombies" (grunts and brutes) and to keep Agrippa in his dead body for centuries. Clearly he has enough power over life and death to keep himself alive. He's not doing it by taking the bodies of younger person. IMO. But perhaps I should re-read it, because it was a long time ago...

References to Mithra, and to real alchemists/occultists (Agrippa and Weyer existed, and the later was really the pupil of the first) points to an esoteric background.

I'm not a gamer, I haven't played a game since the 90's, but played Amnesia because it was soooo good. I was absolutely fascinated by the story, and joined the forum mainly in order to talk about it...
Sorry for that strange shit I'm writing, I don't mean to be annoying Wink

@Lee: English is not my first language, and I don't understand what "snip" means in that context. You probably mean that I'm totally nuts. But I have to precise that I know a lot of stuff about esoterism because I studied it a field working anthropologist. I'm not talking about my actual beliefs.
'Snip' is just to save space. It's quoting you to direct his response, but without having your post repeated. Smile
It basically just means 'words go here' to stop posts getting bulked out with walls of repeated text.
(12-22-2010, 11:28 PM)Dr Laudanum Wrote: [ -> ]But perhaps I should re-read it, because it was a long time ago...

Apparently, yeah. I just re-finished it a couple of weeks ago. I recommend it.
Have you read any of the interviews with the developers -where they're inspired from- ?

If you find a time and if you trust your English (as it is not my main language too), you can read it from here:
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