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Full Version: What made us to love Tom Redwood ?
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hey friends, I just wonder that why Red gains our loves ! Smile.. I know it is stupid but I always imagine that meeting with Red in Overture.. and see him alive in his room, his asking to me who am I, for security and opening door, hugs ! Smile.. and going exit whole BP and requiem together !.. I read some of users see Red in their dream haha Smile.. we all love Red, but why ! ? Smile
He has a beard.
(12-23-2010, 09:50 PM)TheLittleGarfield Wrote: [ -> ]He has a beard.

This. LOL
I donno, I guess cause theres no one else and hes really funny...and ...I donno. I felt bad for the guy. He seemed like that guy who would sit in the corner of the class and no one would know him, but he was cool as hell...
He's earnest and tries to be helpful despite overpowering paranoia. He wants to befriend you, whenever literally everything else down there is murderous.
I don't liked him, he was just too crazy. So I was finally very satisfied when he died.
Hrhr, im evil, I know Tongue
I didn't love him, he was a crazy freak who tried to get me killed at one point. I had no idea if I could trust him or not. He could have at least left me something useful.
The first time I played the game, I got attached to his character. We were two bros caught in a bad spot, working together to escape. It really shook me up when I activated the incinerator. Especially since his screams sounded like "put it out, turn it off."

Second time around a year later, and I dunno what changed, but I just wasn't as sympathetic. I was pissed at him for sending me through the spider tunnels and then mocking me about it. Still didn't want to burn him though.
Fuck that guy.
I really liked his character, he seemed way more enthusiastic than I was. But I still don't understand why he'd ask to kill him D:
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