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Full Version: Should I buy Penumbra.....?
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Just buy it, don't ask you any question x) .
it's not as if the Penumbra games are 20 years old. They still look decent and despite the lower res textures and less detailed geometry in levels it builds an incredible atmosphere.
The games are definitely worth the price asked at the Steam sale.
Awesome. I watched some reviews on YouTube and it looks like Penumbra captures many of the same gameplay mechanics as Amnesia. Likewise, some of the other forum members actually state that penumbra is SCARIER (is this possible?) than I will definitely be picking it up with the Steam Sale going on.

On a side note, I just got past the Storage area of Amnesia, and it made me poo my pants. I have NEVER played anything like this....the literal chills that go through my body are AWESOME.....god this game is scary and good! :-)
Whether you find Penumbra scarier than Amnesia is probably a matter of taste. Amnesia gets to me a lot more than Penumbra... simply because I enjoy the setting a lot more. Still, Penumbra, especially in the beginning (first half of Overture), was really scary for me.
Awesome. You all convinced me, and I ponied up the 10 bucks to purchase the whole collection on Steam. Now I just gotta bring myself to finish Amnesia without dirtying my britches!
Yes, played it after aswell and tbh i liked it even more than amnesia in one way.
Gotta admit Amnesia is scarier in a way, way scarier but penumbra really got me into it. I had to continue playing no matter how scary it became just to find out the answers to all Philips questions. That could be both frustrating and annoying because the game was very scary. But as criticism it is great. So yes, buy penumbra!

Short Answer/TL;DR: YES BUY IT!
I bought them all at once and i have start playing with penumbra to prevent being dissapointing in some way.
Haha this was the first ACTUAL horror game i've played through... i...
i was so scared, i crawled around the FIRST ROOM for about 40 minutes..
Spoiler below!
before going down the steel hatch inside the hatch
You won't be disappointed mate. Though Penumbra Overture is by far the scariest part of all three. The first hour will scare the shit out of you by using both the storyline made by the creepy notes and also by creating the best atmosphere.

Secret bunkers/facilities from WWII with freaky history has always been a phobia of mine, so naturally the game struck me quite easily.
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