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Full Version: Interpreting the pink drops (blood?)
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I completed the game some time ago, just now getting to this. Thanks for a great experience Frictional. It was soo refreshing to actually feel something while playing.

Onto my question. From the start of the game, the player sees the pink spots (and sometimes red drops) of what I always interpreted as blood. But they don't seem to fit in at all...the pink spots are perfectly bland/flat, and don't seem to fit in with the other textures at all.

What are these pink spots? Are they blood...if so, are the monsters by chance Klingon? Or are they supposed to be blood of Alexander's servants?

Why was the flat, pink image used. It seems very out of place compared with the other artwork, and unlike the dark red blood smears seen later in the game (which I can readily tell is blood from a person being dragged / beaten, etc), the pink spots are as plain as can be.
They looked more like rose petals to me, which makes sense since Daniel can still recall the taste of rose at the start of the game.
Spoiler below!
The amnesia potion is concocted from rose water, methinks.
Interesting thought. The sizes are so irregular, and the shapes do not resemble petals to me, so personally I don't see rose pedals when looking at them (I started a new game so I could look closely.

I do like how that would fit in to the story. Rose pedals makes more sense then Klingon blood, so I adopt this theory until another offers their perspective.
Spillage from amnesia potion at beginning (pink drop marks) Smile red drops are rose petals.
(12-25-2010, 09:00 PM)LoneWolf Wrote: [ -> ]Spillage from amnesia potion at beginning (pink drop marks) Smile red drops are rose petals.

Ah, I can see how the red things are rose petals now. And I guess that clears up the pink splots.

Thanks all. I'm happy I don't interpret the pink as blood anymore...that was not satisfying.
Yeah, the pink is probably the amnesia potion dripping from your mouth or clothing or something. Its trail ends near the beginning of the game. The red things (which are far more interesting to me) are rose petals.

Occasionally, the game references Damascus Rose, and I think it's referring to the taste of the amnesia potion.
Spoiler below!
One prisoner who keeps being treated with amnesia says that he cannot remember who is torturing him or why he is being tortured, but the scars he has received as well as the familiarity of the potion's taste (Damascus Rose) help him remember that his situation is dire.
Also, rose petals appear on the ground where flashbacks take place as the familiarity of the locations overpower your amnesia.
I remember thinking during the game that the distillery was a rose water distillery. I can't remember the reason why, but I'm almost sure something pointed to that.
The pink drops on the ground are from the Amnesia potion. The red spots are petals from the Damascus rose that Daniel remembers from his excavation.