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Full Version: Possible Glitch(s)?(Very minor spoiler on demo)
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All pictures are in the room where the metal hatch is(after the wood breaking hammer part)

[Image: 1173377289396.jpg]

[Image: 1173377390057.jpg]

[Image: 1173377369941.jpg]

[Image: 1173377302068.jpg]

You can look at this also, the game settings are on default.  The last picture might be very difficult to see, but when you turn the flash-light off, that dark shadow dissapears.  
It just isn't some dark rock, otherwhys it would stay the same when you turn the flash light off.  

While looking at the same area, I discovered a small 'crack' in the rock.

[Image: 1173377405956.jpg]

Maybe this is supposed to be there, maybe it isn't.  

Maybe that's a glitch, maybe it isn't.   o_O
wow first time your Sig had a meaning relating to the post lol (sorry could not resist Big Grin )