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Full Version: Are Penumbra Overture in spanish?
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I'm buy recently the humble indie bundle pack, and it have penumbra overture, but i was installed and I saw that there isn't in Spanish.

Have you not implemented?.
I don't knew but you can buy it, I have the spanish translation.
But there are only text translations, no voices in spanish.
I have created a bundle with spanish language support.

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Removed Download link.
Due to licensing we can only distribute the English translation in the humble bundle.
What if the user applies a non Frictional made translation?
3rd party translations are welcome and there are several threads on this forum with instructions on how to build those as well as people sharing theirs.

The only current limitation to this is that due to a bug in the linux and mac penumbra builds, translations that use multibyte UTF8 characters in the names of the levels will cause bad crashes.

This issue has been fixed and there should be updated binaries released sometimes soon.
Then why was the link removed? ... Was it an official translation?
Oh, I did not knew that it should be for linux version.
Sorry about that I thought it was windows.

And it was the original Frictional translation from my Overture CD.
Yeah.. the original translation on the windows CDs is ONLY usable for users who purchased the windows CD through retail channels. Purchasing the Windows version for nearly all online distributors only includes English.