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Full Version: [Arch64] Penumbra Collection Installer problem
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Hi there!

I bought the Penumbra collection yesterday, and, after hours of downloading (damn slow connection here) I finally got

However, when I do

[anthrax@lynxcore downloads]$ sh

I get

Verifying archive integrity... All good.
Uncompressing Installer for The Penumbra Collection..................Extraction failed.
...............Signal caught, cleaning up

That's all, no more info. Same for -f ncurses or the like.

My system is Arch64 with 32-bit libstdc++5 and 32-bit nvidia packages explicitly installed.
Full path to the installer is /home/anthrax/games/downloads.

Any ideas on what went wrong?
provide the output of these two commands.
df -h /tmp
Nevermind. I noticed that I have only 800 MB left on /tmp, while on my /home I have 38GB. Silly me. A quick --target /somewhere/with/more/space did the trick.

But thanks for the surprisingly fast reply.