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I was walking up the staircase and thought it would be so cool if the walls were faintly illuminated green. I have a strong desire to get a glowstick now, which I would use to navigate around the house at night. I would probably get an electric one because I don't want to be wasteful with a one-time use chemical one.

Background info: I never found I wanted to use the flashlight. The glowstick always lighted up everything well enough, and it lasted forever.
I see these threads on every frigen game forum out there, and I hate them all equally.
Yes threads like these do pop up in every single game forum, but I still love them.

Whenever I see a small box I want to levitate it instead of picking it up.
when you wish you had a sawn off hand to scratch your back with.
When you accidentally murder the woman you love, and try to tell the cops you thought she was a horrible alien monster trying to kill you.

For some reason, they wouldn't listen to me.
When you wake up every night screaming..
When you, of all places, want to visit Greenland all of a sudden.

When you never leave the house without a notebook, a flashlight, a glowstick and a pickaxe for comfort.

When you feel safer in the dark than in the light.

When your night vision suddenly improves while sitting still in the shadow of a doorframe.

When you suffer symptoms of disposophobia and start hoarding loads of potentially useful items, convinced they will help you progress through life somehow.

When you never go anywhere without a padlock. And preferably a key to go with it.

When cabin fever all of a sudden looks so appealing.

When you start hearing voices and develop a malevolent split personality with suicidal tendencies.

When your best friend is named after a primary colour.

When you never want to visit another dog kennel for the rest of your life.

When you jot down a note, just in case...

When you decide to buy Amnesia: The Dark Descent simply because it was made by Frictional Games.
when you pay a homeless man to read red's lines to you over a walkie talkie while you sit in a sewer...
When you use a glowstick over a flashlight in a black out (If you liked the glowstick better) OR, You stick to a flashlight and throw your glowstick out the window (If you like the Flashlight)

When you start hearing whispears in your head....... OKAY SO I PLAYED TOO MUCH PENUMBRA!! VOICES IN MY HEAD ARE NORMAL! RIGHT? R-r-r-ight? right? right?

Ah, Hell.
(01-01-2011, 10:09 PM)Penumbra Wrote: [ -> ]When you wake up every night screaming..

When your name is Penumbra.
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