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Full Version: Intel GMA 950 and Overture
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I tried Overture recently, got the apparently famous black-screen-after-intro problem on my Intel GMA 950. I read on a forum specific for that card that Black Plague works perfectly. Since it's obviously a graphics problem (engine problem), both games use the same engine (is the copy on git latest ?) and Black Plague is newer, I thought that the engine on the disc is outdated.
I grabbed a git copy of both the engine and the game, compiled successfully and it still didn't run.
I don't get the logic here, can anyone explain why would the newer game run instead ?
Where is this forum post of a supposedly running copy of black plague on a GMA 950? As I have yet seen a report of it working myself.

And there is no disc for linux, so I'm not sure where you are getting a copy from. If you have purchased it recently the "engine" for all 3 penumbra games is the same in the installer.. And the patches available upgrade to that same "latest" version of the engine (which is the same code as the initial GIT release)

The main issue with Intel cards is the graphics drivers lie about the capabilities of the card, so when a game tries to use the capability it plain doesn't work. and this is, unfortunately, the case for all 3 platforms.
It's a post here:
It's actually a group that tries to hack the windows intel drivers for more power. But it claims the game runs on stock drivers. They might be wrong :/

I'm using the game files off a windows disc and the engine from git (I tried the game for windows at the beginning).

EDIT: I'll try to get Black Plague from a friend and test it myself.
EDIT: It doesn't run, the post seems to be fake. (Or the guy just 'runs' it and doesn't actually try playing)
So I was wondering, if the game doesn't run, would I ever be able to backport the shader programs to run on my card ? And is that the only problem I would encounter ? I'm currently an experienced coder myself, just never been into game development.
Also, what shader model is the engine based on ?
In OpenGL there really aren't "shader models" (that's a direct X thing). There is just extensions supported.

You can look through the source to see what GL extensions are being used easy enough, and then we are using NVIDIA's Cg toolkit for shader language and support..

You should be able debug and figure what is not being created correctly and diagnose why. About the only intel card that anyone has had definite success with the Penumbra series on is the X3100 card. Beyond that, they, well, suck.

Amnesia just plain doesn't work on any of them due to "issues" with the intel drivers support of GLSL and FBO.