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Full Version: To those who say there wont be a sequel [spoilers]
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They could always make it a game where you play as the person who you email at the end of black plague?

I mean killing them all might be the part where it gets a bit hairy, but it can probably be worked into the plot.

I'm not saying it SHOULD BE made, I'm just saying that theres a chance it COULD BE.
(01-18-2011, 09:53 PM)Shev Wrote: [ -> ]I'm not saying it SHOULD BE made, I'm just saying that theres a chance it COULD BE.
Actually no.
Frictional has stated that there won't be any new Penumbra games.
no, just no, the only way this would work is as a REMAKE, there would be no real point, maybe of they were to remake the game, but change the character to the guy who gets the email, and then replace red with someone, and replace amabel as well, then maybe the idea would work, not as a sequal, but maybe a remake, but again, to say it i a sequal would be stupid, you would essentially be playing the same game but with a different character, again REMAKE...
Under the Berne Convention, you only have to wait until 50 years after death of original author for Penumbra to enter public domain. So yeah, there's always a change of a sequel.
Isn't it 70 years?
I thought it was 70 years too.
I thought it was like 80.
Actually, due to the 'Rule of the shorter term', if you find the country bound by Bern who is most restrictive on copyright, it could be less or much less than life of author plus 50. But I'm not curious enough to find out who that may be.
Or we could play as the guy's father!
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