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Full Version: Wooden box key - can't open it (Penumbra: Requiem)
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I just finished Penumbra: Black Plague and now I'm onto Penumbra: Requiem. It's very different. I'm on Level 3 (I think) in a room with three platforms that, when they're turned on, lift objects into the air. There are lasers above me and a wooden box with a key on the side against the wall. I've tried breaking open the box to get the key but nothing seems to work. Can anyone please help me?
that field, it's like the thing over the elevators in portal, those levers on hte wall, they let you choose where the things that hit the field will come out, choose right hole (i think it's the one nearest to the top) and then throw the key box into the field... i think, if it is the level i think it is, but i'm not sure.

also, you can get higher up in the level, like, way higher up, you need to use boxes and shit to climb up to a ledge, then you'll be able to see the other pipes, you'll know which one you have selected because it will have stuff sorta coming out and dispersing, like a green gas or somthing.
Ah, thanks for the help.