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Full Version: Reaction Pictures and Lets Plays?
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I'm not surprised that Mangamix hasn't attempted Penumbra: Requiem. I think she'd die with the amount of puzzles involved. I didn't love the game, I didn't hate it but the end cutscene was good.
Even tho I play horror games with headphones and with the lights out, like they suggest, my reactions are mostly in game reactions, like looking around like crazy, reacting to every sound, taking a bit of time to walk forward, running the hell out of the place I'm in, and a bit of swearing to complete it. Big Grin

I didn't yet play Amnesia a lot, so my best moment would be from the final part of Penumbra Overture, where there's a corridor and human silhouette in the other end of it, waiting, and I stood there looking at it for like 3 or 4 minutes, scratchin my head and wandering if I should walk forward. lol Big Grin
veeery funny freakout, btw lower the volume or you will become deaf.
I couldn't BREATH with laughter while watching "Holy shit, Amnesia WHAT THE FUUUUUUCK". That was the funniest shit I have EVER seen. I think when I really thought my chest was going to explode was when his escape key broke. Big Grin
Best LP's:
Best Reactions are already mentionedSmile
I am currently doing a Let's play/LP of Amnesia at RuinerGaming, it's got pretty genuine fear in it Tongue
ok i was on youtube watching a random ATTD video and i just so happen to come across this response to a comment saying that ATTD was just a game

A game it may be, but so well designed that it makes you mentally prepare for minutes to cross a 4 foot hall to get in another door. A game that turns a courageous young man, who once based jumped off a collapsing building into a horde of wooden zombie robots covered in spiders and snakes while dressed as doctors that wanted to give him booster shots, into a squealing little sissy (100% true story!). Ooooh no, it is not JUST a game.


At 2m10s: Daniel is "Ninja-Cat"! Climbs faster than light and saves himself! Big Grin
I have a lets play im currently doing rite now. Its my first time playing the story and doing a lets play. Put that together and wat do u get. U get a 15 yr old dude crying!

Heres the link --------> <---------
This video @ 9:45 the kid is hilarious Big Grin. And there's this water part video with subtitles.
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