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Full Version: The North American box art is terrible
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For a game that relies a lot on mystery, the North American box art is terrible.

[Image: 51sA-DqmKGL.jpg]

From what this art is, a person that looks at it would expect it to be a screamer video game that has a bunch of monsters pop out at you which is not Amnesia. It also looks really amateurish like it was made from a really low budget 1998 game. Another problem is that it shows Daniels face. It's ironic that Frictional Games tried so hard to immerse the player as Daniel by leaving his physical characteristics blank so players can fill it in and then show Daniel on the box art. PLEASE change the box art.

[Image: f11232.png]
This would be acceptable.

For advertising, people do judge a book by it's cover. If I were going through a store and I saw the North American box art, I would presume it as a trashy low budget screamer horror game. If I saw the box art on the bottom, I would think it's eerie, mysterious, and distinctive from all the other horror games out there, which is what Amnesia is about. I think all of the fans here would say that the North American box art sucks.
Are Americans just that good at ruining other people's shit? The English language, television shows, foreign movies/videogame series, weapons, cars, food, art, music, politics, and at least six different countries.
I'm American, and I think the box art was terrible. Frictional Games designed that box thinking Americans wanted some cheesy actiony box art. So I'd blame it on Frictional games for having the wrong view of American gamers.
I don't think FG designed that box art, since Daniel on that cover looks nothing like his depiction in the hidden files of Amnesia.
Spoiler below!
[Image: 1631468-daniel_thumb.jpg]
(couldn't find a larger picture)
i'm pretty sure that was developed by THQ...
I've stated my 2 cents on this is a similar topic here before but I just have to agree again. The OP of this topic was right when they said, and I don't mean to sound catty, but it really does look like a cheap 1990's video game just looking to give the player cheap jump scares. That's the first impression I get when I see it, which is sad because we all know Amnesia isn't about that.

What I think makes it such a turn off (even for the stereotypical American 'I only play action games' player, who I can't see becoming interested in this by the box art) is that it's too in your face and exposes too much. Nothing about this really makes me interested in the game because automatically I just see "huh, a dude about to be bitch slapped to the face by some monster. What a cliché." With the original art, you feel compelled to figure out just what the game is about because it's subtle. Subtly causes curiosity, curiosity creates the want to investigate to know more aka buying the game/growing an interest towards the game.

I mean, even a simple camera angle change could cause a smidgen of 'ooo what's going on', for example:

Spoiler below!
[Image: tumblr_lfvre2QbfT1qe2o7s.jpg]

First of no, I'm not saying my idea is the best or anything of that sort (personally I find it just as lame), I'm just showing that even if you're desperate for the 'try to make it seem action-y' step that there are lots of ways to not give EVERYTHING away.

TLDR: I know my opinion probably won't do much but I still say subtle is the way to go. If this is the final product then I can only wish the game the best /end rant
third option :

( Credits go to : " Sessoneon " aka " Ryan Trahey " for the original work and little me for the adding of Daniel and some other stuff )
(01-31-2011, 01:02 PM)CHANCEPHOENIX Wrote: [ -> ]third option :

( Credits go to : " Sessoneon " aka " Ryan Trahey " for the original work and little me for the adding of Daniel and some other stuff )

Wow, that one looks awesome!
is this actually real? is there going to be a box?
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