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Full Version: Box or Download?
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Are You going to buy Penumbra: Overture with Box, or are You going to buy it by digital Download from the web?

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Download since local stores havent heard of it and can't find it on their systems :/


I have to download it because I want to buy the Linuxversion and there's no boxversion yet Sad.
If any chance, I'll buy it with Box, if no chance, I'll buy it by downloading it...
Already pre-ordered mine in the box. Should be getting here early all things going well.
Box ם: obviously.
Download, I'm not into the mood to go and look around stores for a game they likely won't have, plus I want to have the game as fast as I canXD
as there is a german store or something that offers a boxed version i'll probably go boxed and wait for the installer that sucks the datafiles from the CD and throws them into the linux version Smile
a box is just nicer to look at than a download (it's true!)
if i'll buy i have to download it (becouse of the linux version)
Box. Not only do I have dial-up, but I like to have the box anyway. (My shelves are filled with old game boxes covered in dust Big Grin )
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