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Full Version: Amnesia skins for Penumbra ?
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Hello Big Grin

I can not play has amnesia because my pc is too bad but I wonder if it's possible to put the Skins of Amnesia to Penumbra ?
Skins Enemy, objetct Smile

Thank Rolleyes
If you did, it would probably run slower then just running Amnesia, the rendering engine in penumbra is a lot slower then the updated one in Amnesia.

did you try changing all the settings to "low" in the settings menu of Amnesia?
Yes im already tried Low options in Advanced Video options, not work Sad
" Error! Not Enough drawbuffers supported! Make sure your graphic card drivers are up to date!"
Another people have same problem, my graphic card is so old Sad
Scuse me double post.

This graphics card can support Amnesia?

PNY GeForce 6200 - 512 Mo DDR1 - AGP x8
NVIDIA GeForce 6200
DDR SDRAM 64-bit

I dont know if I should buy it or wait for money to buy a pc
You should be able to run it,
I know it's a stupid question, but did you update your drivers?
Yes of course all my drives are up to date
I had this problem once, I didn't know what was wrong with the game. So my dad and I read a manual and found out the graphics card was in the wrong place. Big Grin
Well, the the amnesia site says it should work, (claims minimum card should be GForce 6xxx, which yours is) but it clearly doesn't...

I hope one of the FG guys sees this thread and can answer your questions, I'm all out of answers.

@house: how in the world could you install a graphics card wrong! Tongue