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Full Version: 2007-03 Tuesday 27th, reviews and a new video.
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It's Penumbra: Overture release week and we have some reviews to report about, a new video and some last minute previews for those eager to read even more.

PCG Zine "The game made my mind play tricks on itself and giving me the scares at the same time, and believe me..I do not scare easily." -VG Reloaded.

PC Format "It's a genuinely creepy and engaging adventure..." -Issue 199, April 2007.

GamesTM "It feels intuitive, especially as it ties into Penumbra's wonderful physics system, adding a new layer of immersion to everything. And in horror games such as this, immersion is key." -Issue 55.

Doupe A German review from Do not cross. 'Dante' was also kind enough to make us a quick translation of it into English.

Doupe Jeux Video PC has also done a review in French. Enjoy!

In the second release video you get a peak at one of the physics puzzles in Penumbra: Overture. The wonderful idea with physics puzzles is that they can be solved in different ways, this being one of them, perhaps the most cumbersome as well...

View it here or visit the media section for additional mirrors/download locations, it's called The Electric Fence. As last time, be slightly warned for spoilers in the video.

The next video is to be release on Wednesday, be sure to check it out as it's available. We'll let you know!

And last, the links to the previews:
GamerNode, PC Daily News, Hooked Gamers.

I want now I want now :3
as always nothing seems to be come soon enough Big Grin
That video was on the official site for a few days before this ;-)
really? i had no idea
It had like 1.5k views on youtube when I viewed it yetserday.

to hg2708Added  March 23, 2007
From  hg2708
Physics puzzle sequence from Penumbra... Physics puzzle sequence from Penumbra: Overture part of four videos we are releasing while we wait for the 30th of March 2007 release day.

Visit for more info! (more) (more) (less)