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Full Version: Your favourite developer/s other than frictional games ?
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I am quite sure that most of the people in this forum are loyal followers to frictional games, but what are you guys favourite developer other than frictional games ?

For me it's mostly VALVe, Bioware, Gearbox, Rockstar and GSC game world.
Blizzard, Valve.
VALVe, GSC Game World and DICE i just Love battlefield.
Looking Glass Studios, Blizzard, Ensemble Studios.
Valve, Rockstar, Remedy, Eidos.
GSC Game World, 4A Games, Action Forms, Starbreeze Studios, and a few others that I haven't really played a lot of games from but are still pretty cool.
That would probably be Blizzard, Bioware, Bethesda, Black Isle, Interplay, New World Computing and 3DO. Smile
Valve, Blizzard, Piranha Bytes and BioWare and every Indie studio.
Cyan Worlds, Cyan Worlds, and Cyan Worlds. No other developers could possibly be compared to such a company. (Frictional, in the mean time, will be an exception. Valve included.)
Darkling Room (for The Lost Crown),
Funcom (The longest journey, Dreamfall)
Pangea Software (Nanosaur and etc... Oh the nostalgia!)
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