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Full Version: White Night - Total Conversion v1.1
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Best Single Player Mod of 2011

10 months in development by a sole developer...

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[Image: 37099.png]
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If you have troubles installing or running White Night, please check here!

- White Night Soundtrack released (3 Feb '12)
- Editors Choice: White Night is Best Single Player Modification in MOTY 2011 (23 Dec '11)
- White Night is updated to v1.1 (19 Dec '11)
- White Night is the only Amnesia mod which made into the top 100 list of the Mod of the Year 2011 contest!
- Interview with Morfar (14 Nov '11)
- White Night is relesed! (13 Oct '11)
- White Night is playable from start to end.(06 Oct '11)
- Teaser & Screens(01 Sept '11)
- Mod Sentry Interview(05 Aug '11)
- Tinderboxes replaced with Light Bulbs!(08 July '11)
- Big Media Update(29 June '11)
- Elevator Gameplay (18 May '11)
- Inventory screen changes (13 May '11)
- Flashlight and Batteries Demonstration (02 May '11)
- White Night is to be a total conversion mod (01 May '11)
Aghhh, I thought you had finally released it Undecided

I am really looking forward to this, it looks amazing!
Actually I was thinking to post it after finishing, but you can never know where the fascinating ideas can come from Smile
So, I thought it'd be good to post it here as well.
Nice! Glad you made the thread.

This looks like it will definitely be a unique experience all its own, and I'm looking forward to it most righteously. Keep up the good work!
Looks promising, keep it up.
Looks good!
Beautiful screenshot! Big Grin
love the scene level 3 , reminds me of a entertainment park with a "funny" house i used to go to
I must say this one is most impressive, keen as for release.
Looks awsome. I'm really looking forward to playing this!