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Full Version: White Night - Total Conversion v1.1
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(08-29-2011, 09:06 AM)plutomaniac Wrote: [ -> ]So, instead of a full conversion we can make a custom story? It looks a lot of work to change resources and stuff like that. Will you change WN to custom story using these methods?

Umm, to be able to use a custom resources.cfg one needs to create a full conversion; otherwise it is not possible. Either way, it has to be a total conversion.

Also personally, I think if one is not about to change core mechanics of the game, full conversion is really unnecessary.
Of course, full conversion then.

(the results of the competition are not out yet, can't wait!) Smile
I suddenly remember I had said I would make you an elevator switch. Are you still interested in it? Anyways, I set out making one. I was thinking about having some buttons which are pushable and which slide inwards once pushed - showing a glowing digit instead of a "normal colored" one.
Actually I have something like this:
Spoiler below!
[Image: button.jpg]

However your idea sounds much better. If you manage to create something like that, I'd gladly use it Smile
Mmm, it is a new one compared to the one at the elevator video! Nice touch! Smile
That elevator video is ancient. Much has changed since I recorded those. Probably I need to release an overall gameplay video, to show changes. Because almost none of the videos and old screens are showing current state.
Interesting, can't wait to see that! The debut trailer is indeed ancient...
That abomination? That was recorded while I was using castle_ceiling_windows instead of fluorescent lights Tongue
exactly! Make sure you release a new one at some point! Smile
Well, I'm trying to use AVS video editor Wink A new trailer, at least a gameplay video is coming.