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Full Version: White Night - Total Conversion v1.1
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(09-08-2011, 12:01 AM)Cryaotic Wrote: [ -> ]It is also a possibility, good man, to be lol'd to death.

Hahaha, yes!

Well, while I was trying the idea, outcome made me lol so hard that sleeping folk yelled at me Tongue I still think it's creepy but whenever I remember the scene, I still laugh Big Grin
For anyone still interested in, there is two new screens from the entrance part of the Denver State Hospital.

Spoiler below!
[Image: Screen_Screenshot_000.6.jpg]
[Image: Screen_Screenshot_001.4.jpg]

Everything is work in progress, there will be changes, however these should be able to give the feeling. Those yellow lamps, credits goes to Selyp. Thank you very much!

And, I don't think it will be much of demand, however I started to prepare some kind of "making of" pile of documents.
Does this take place during modern times? The hospital looks like an old style one. When I think of hospitals I think of shiny clean surfaces, metal, glass, etc.
This DOES take place during modern times, even in 2000s.
I don't know if I made it clear, but Denver State Hospital comes from Danvers State Hospital, which is actually an old-fashioned Asylum.

I also ventured a few asylums here, in Turkey, and entrance should be both warm and official. Metal & Glass won't give these feelings, so taking place during modern times does not necessarily mean you 'have to' use metal & glass; as the asylums I've seen have both artistic features.
Lookin good!
(09-19-2011, 05:53 AM)Selyp Wrote: [ -> ]Lookin good!

Thanks for the model Smile
Very nice.
But, you should remove those ugly sprites or what ever they are, from the lights. Also, why does that middle light have blue color on it? It looks kind of weird. Change it to very bright yellow or more brighter blue.
That big painting could have a big spotlight, so player can actually see it without flashlight.
To even more detailed stuff... The open book on the desk is too lined up. Change the angle a little bit. Chairs too.
That carpet right below the stairs looks little bit stretched. Make it little bit bigger.
Those shelfs behind the desk are dark. They could have candles on them.
Thanks for the suggestions!
I have a tendency to share things that are completely wip, and usually change them a lot from first version. In one day, those pictures do not reflect the current state anymore.

It's 2000 and still candles? This is not a church Tongue

AGGGGGGGHHHH, How much do I have to wait for this? Big Grin
Do you have any fixed-Release date? Shy
Well, after this level got finished, there is one level which already is %40 completed. Means, there is not much work to do, only polishing. However, I can't give a fixed release date yet; because I need to feel satisfied about the mod that it feels completed, polished, fun; and able to give the story the way I want.