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Full Version: White Night - Total Conversion v1.1
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(10-14-2011, 12:10 AM)Cryaotic Wrote: [ -> ]October 13, 2011 - Never Forget.
Part 2 man?

(10-14-2011, 12:10 AM)Cryaotic Wrote: [ -> ]October 13, 2011 - Never Forget.
(10-14-2011, 12:20 AM)Hunter of Shadows Wrote: [ -> ]
(10-14-2011, 12:10 AM)Cryaotic Wrote: [ -> ]October 13, 2011 - Never Forget.
Sorry, Tans, but my schedule got really busy, so I guess I wasn't able to test it fully before the release. But you already know that.

I'll be sure to play the full thing soon, though.
Not supposed to scare me? Are you kidding me? This is so intense I have to break for tonight! And I'm only at the:

Spoiler below!
Number puzzle after the cells
I shit myself about 3 times....hell no its not scary.

Excellent game man, you have bonerific talent.
So I can't play this tonight because of homework, and all I can think to say is F*CK MAH TEACHERS MAN!!!! GOD!
Alright I'm already stuck

And I haven't even managed to start the game

I followed the installation instructions for retail to the letter, like I've done with Insomnia or Through the Portal and that's worked fine, merged the folders, wasn't asked to replace anything, and use the white night.bat

And it went straight to regular ol Amnesia

What's wrong!?

EDIT: *sigh* Nevermind, I just realized that my Amnesia wasn't fully updated -_-

Okay started playing it now, and I'm already terrified...especially upon seeing that THING inside the cell, which didn't notice me
Damn. This is great! Beautifully done (so far). However, right now I'm stuck in
Spoiler below!
the Doctor's Wing, I've run out of batteries (well battery I haven't gotten a second one yet) and now I cannot see anything. Could someone please do their best to blindly guide me to the nearest battery?
Stuck at this part...
Spoiler below!
When your at the Piano (To play parts of the tune that comes out of the thing (Forgot its name)). Is that required for White Night, because I can't go anywhere else. It's a really harsh puzzle and I can't find anything to aid me, anyone got any pointers to it?