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Full Version: White Night - Total Conversion v1.1
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Spoiler below!
1 3 5 2 6 3 4 is the piano puzzle answer, from left to right(1-6), if you listen, 1 is start of the main tune, 3 is a setup for a high/low note, 5 is high note, 2 is continuation of main tune after high note, 3 again for setup, 4 for low note finish.

Really nice presentation so far. I'm only going to play around 30 minutes a day so I can space out the goodness.
Anyone finished the mod yet?
I have, was fun. Didn't take as long as I expected, I think someone in the thread said 5 hours? But it was interesting throughout and the start was scary.
For everyone, I see some of you already finished it. If you play fast (to finish), probably you will get minimum of the story, thus cannot understand it at all, won't be fun. But hey, it's your choice.

I hope you are enjoying yourselves.

(10-14-2011, 12:44 AM)Lee Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry, Tans, but my schedule got really busy, so I guess I wasn't able to test it fully before the release. But you already know that.

I'll be sure to play the full thing soon, though.

You've already done what you can, so don't worry. I still wait a feedback from you Smile
Great music, lighting, level design and some puzzles were unique. Except for that fudgyye, garrrgly piano one, I'm terrible at music and thanks to cook for the help!

Spoiler below!
Alot of lights were shining through walls. I kinda expected that since you worked on this so long, that most of that would of been fixed. It ruined the mood for me sometimes :/

I know you worked alot on the storyline and emphasize it alot, but I couldn't make much sense of it really. I understand the basics of it, but it's just not something I find rememberable from White Night.

The half-transparent monsters with the ridiculous faces ruined the mood also. I really wanted to punch them in their fudging face.

You should get rid of most of the morphine and batteries. I had 13 batteries, and 7 morphine when I finished. But I like that I only had 1 lightbulb left, sadly though they were barely used to! (Btw, I only found 2. Is that normal?)

+rep for a interesting mod.
My game crashes about 2-5 minutes into the game, or rather it freeze my computer

GTX 490
i7 950 @ 4,0
And i have installed it via desura and the normal way, still get same result?, anyone please help me!

Now i can't even get it to start, tried with both Desura installation, then with extracting. Click on White_Night (bat file) and then black window pops up....than nothing
I've recently completed White Night, and I can say I have thoroughly enjoyed it. The story was delivered in a way that was fresh and enticing, yet challenging and consistently building up suspense.

I have one major disagreement, The White_Night.bat file provided in it's state would only work for a Windows version. I was not able to get it running under Linux until I modified the file contents to ./Launcher.bin64 wn_config/main_init.cfg after several minutes of attempting to find the problem. There were also a couple of bugs in game, specifically: model placement, the ability to move said models, and collision detection with map boundaries. Luckily, these were not egregious enough to destroy immersion.

Aside from this, I love how the story affected the gameplay, and not the other way around. The story was all about deciding what one wants to believe (at least at it's core), and this was reflected in with the voice acting which could (or at least to me) sound emotionally inaccurate, the arguable usefulness of certain supplies, the sporadic and often highly limited control over the environment, the difficulty in locating changes in the map, the inability to see in the dark without light, amongst other examples; effectively everything that the player perceives reflects on the storyline. The best result of this is that each player can draw their own conclusions from what they see in White Night, and draw their own idea of what actually happened (which due to perception could be any stretch of the imagination).

Definitely lives up to it's Best Potential award, and well worth the wait to play. An excellent example of why to keep an open mind.
My game crashed Sad i dragged everything into redist and clicked on "White Night.bat". Then the launcher popped up and i pressed play.After 10 seconds blackscreen, the game crashed.
Ok, using a webcam (game face) makes this game crash within 7 minutes. Tried 3 different web cams and 6 different recorders


When in window mode it crashes, full screen worked.