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Full Version: White Night - Total Conversion v1.1
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(10-15-2011, 02:13 PM)Morfar Wrote: [ -> ]Haha so i stacked those boxes without a reason... well two reasons ^^
Anyways, reloaded the game, got the crowbar and are now ready for my next episode.
So there's no way to get back if you missed the crowbar except via reloading? Because I did. Confused Maybe that could be fixed in a future update?

So far this story was great fun!

(10-15-2011, 03:47 PM)Exostalker Wrote: [ -> ]
(10-15-2011, 03:37 PM)VinceMarcus29 Wrote: [ -> ]Can you release a "Justine Free" Mode?

i dont have justine Sad
If you don't have it, get it.
Nevermind that earlier post.
i just got Justine Big Grin
After watching Morfar's lp, I noticed some other bugs aside from that prison bar thing. Damn, I fixed that like... four months ago? I'm not really sure how it stayed like this in this state. Sorry about this guys.

Translations are coming along and with a few bug fix, I'll release a little update.

BTW, I enjoyed every single LP from every single LPer, thank you guys. It really feels good and fun watching them Smile

My feedback (a lenghty one):
Spoiler below!

What I generally thought:
It was really good. "The best mod" out so far (still worth playing many others due to varying content). Managed to immerse me storywise. I actually wanted to know more! A good amount of scariness. Had the potential to be more scary due to the psycological build up but was, by choice, set to be at this level of scariness. You know that it is a good mod once you get this "Oh-I-am-in-a-new-game-lets-explore" feeling.

Story interpretation:
Borrowing the basics from shutter island; does however build it in another way. David witnesses the murder of his child(ren)/family by his girlfriend; Grace. Grace is sentenced to mental treatment at which she is undertaken care by doctor Patric. It becomes clear that Grace has developed a split personality, the other person being Sofia. This side of her has however been supressed due to her love for David. David stops visiting her at the hospital; probably realizing that she is a sick person. This does however trigger the personality "Sofia" to become stronger. Meanwhile Dr. Patric is trying a new procedure to supress Sofia, which is the memory loss technique described in a note.

Things does however spiral out of control as Sofia kills Patric and takes over the hospital. When David returns to the hospital he is taken into care against his own will and by orders of Sofia. The reason to why Grace allows this is because she misses David and wants him there. Out of some twisted love for David she applies the memory loss technique Patric developed. This is probably executed through some sort of electricution.

As Sofia & Grace wants David to forget that she was a murderer, she tries to force a different reality upon him where she is allowed to spend time with him. She becomes his doctor and he her patient. In this reality Patric becomes sort of a dream-guide which tries to bring him back to reality (if you think about it almost everyone of patrics notes/voice diaries indicate that Sofia & Grace is a patient). Patric is some part of his mind which realizes the truth.
I liked most puzzles. The "rat-maze" & the refilling of gasoline were the ones I liked the least. The rest were good and a bit surreal; due to the fact that you were unsure of wheter they were something real or a figment of your imagination. The one when you were supposed to push the bed and enter the combination into the fridge was really funny. The piano one was really good too, but abit above my level since I don't have musical talent. I had to double cheat on that one though - first looking up the combination here and then open the level editor to see what would actually happen. I guess the painting was supposed to fall off; but it didn't in my case to I tried every door in the area several times after re-entering the keys on the piano in several different paces. The bathtub one also puzzled me until I realized that the vaults reactioned on "StateChanges". I originally had every vault turned in the right direction, but had to "re-enter" them again so that the puzzle would work. Perhaps you should use variables to see which state they are currently at?
The maps very really nicely made. Unique environments all over. Spot-lights often casted shadows through the walls, which accidentally disturbed me a little in the doctors wing: One room has a shadow of a man statue on the wall. The scenes were really nice too. I liked how one of the intro sections "the table and two chairs by the fire" returned in the end at the sequence when you were walking in the large room with fans. The scene in the beginning when you were electrocuted was really disturbing/unsettling - I was like "No please don't do this!".

I could write a ton more but that'll have to do it for now. Hopefully you'll find it useful in some way.

Well...I managed to play ~1min then I fear quit.
Okay, after a restart I took the crowbar with me.
Now I'm in the next section with the numbers puzzle for the locked door. My problem is: I used the flashlight too much, it ran out of energy just when I wanted to press the numbers. Now I can't see the buttons. Did anyone find a new battery in that area?
OMG! OMG! There goes my real world! Now I live in White Night World!!!!! Big Grin
For the life of me, i cannot figure out what to do at the part with the fridge. Please help?! Huh
(10-15-2011, 07:25 PM)Chagedpking Wrote: [ -> ]For the life of me, i cannot figure out what to do at the part with the fridge. Please help?! Huh
Spoiler below!
There are numbers on the wall behind the painting linked to the rope. Each one of those corresponds to a button, there are 2 spaces, so there are 2 buttons you don't press. Press them in the order shown on the wall.

This may make me look stupid, but it is still not working. Maybe a video?