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Full Version: White Night - Total Conversion v1.1
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Thanks a lot!
Hopefully, I might be able to finish it before '11 ends.

I just want it to not be a 10 minutes of rush. More room for exploration, and rewarding explorers. Main storyline, and side stories for puzzles or current environments. Just, fun to play.

Thinking that, maybe after I release the mod, people will use what I created so far and create more modern time mods with those assets.

By the way, it's 225MB already Smile
Why do I think that you will get a T-shirt ? Tongue
Thanks a lot!
I hope to get one, it seems very hard though with the released great mods.
225MB? That's small for a total conversion mod, isn't it? Well, I hope it is otherwise I will have to start deleting things from Unbirth mod. Mine is already 102MB Smile

oh god...

I love the lamps by the way! How do you do all these things? Amazing! SmileSmile
It was 400 etc MB, I walked over the files and made some optimizations to textures, models and sounds. This is only needed files, no cache files is included.
Yes actually I included files that I haven't used yet like some models and stuff but I will use them later on. Of course not including the Amnesia files. Keep up the good work Tan and most of all, keep us updated. We love those small great videos! Smile
For videos, I have a little surprise for all of the community members Smile
You better, last time you told you were going to make a story video if you won.
Even if you don't, it's been too many months and we haven't seen any gameplay or story related videos, only feature demonstrations, but good luck, I'm eager to see what you prepared Big Grin.
one thing I can tell you: I can't f**%^& wait! Smile

(yes, I'm a little-bit happier than I should I think...anyway...)
Here it is:

Spoiler below!
I decided to create a little tribute with my roommate, and I took a small part from the mod to create this video. Hope you like it Smile