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Full Version: Penumbra Overture Note's Found
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Hello Member's&Guest's

How many notes have you guys found?
23 Note's for me.

Did Overture tally up the notes found, after the credits? I know I found
Spoiler below!
in Black Plague, but no idea how many I got in Overture. I went out of my way to look for them though.
Exactly, In black plague it says the amount you need. see spoiler^
But not in overture, Which i find more intresting.

I'm fairly sure I found all of them. I loved reading them, just for the sake of the story which made Penumbra scary.
I just checked my last savegame.

I found 22 notes.

But yes. Overture doesn't show the amount of notes you need. I guess it has something to do with artefacts. There isn't any in Overture.
Hi guys! I know this topic is old, but I thought it would be better to post here than to create a new thread, because my question is related to Penumbra Overture's notes.

Spoiler below!
I was wondering if anyone knows where can this note be found at. I've finished the game with 23 notes found, but apparently there are 24 notes.

Thanks : )

Edit: Added spoiler tag.
That note is located at section 12. It's behind the projector screen.
I can't believe I missed it... I searched all over that room (or so I thought, haha). Thank you so much for your help! Smile